Living Environment

At Paramount Recovery Center you get to experience a healthy living environment with all the necessary resources for recovery from alcoholism, gambling addiction, mental disorders and/or drug addiction. There is 24/7 support for all guests in our environment that encourages growth. Paramount allows for individual freedom so you can apply the skills obtained to live a healthy life.

Freedom, Flexibility, Independence

You won't find white coats or a traditional clinic setting at Paramount. Members are free to come and go while participating in their recovery. We do everything we can to facilitate a healthy lifestyle in a supportive environment. During the early recovery process, there may be times when an individual is pulled from their sober living treatment due to unexpected circumstances. For additional support, Paramount even provides a travel companion if requested.

Case Management

Each member of PRC is assigned a case manager who meets with them and ensures the continuity of care. Case management allows PRC to provide each guest with an individualized care approach. Our staff understands that each guest is unique and has specific challenges that require additional consideration. With case management, we are able to address each of these individual needs while maintaining efforts to ensure each member is progressing in their recovery goals.

Access to Qualified Professionals

To allow for success in early addictions recovery, we provide our members with every resource necessary.

  • Licensed Professional Counselors
  • Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselors
  • National Certified Gerontological Counselors
  • Dual Boarded and Psych Approved Nurse Practitioners
  • Drug Abuse Counselors
  • Gambling Addiction Counselors
  • Trauma Therapists
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapists

Family Correspondence

Finding the correct help for a loved one suffering with drug addiction and/or alcoholism is an extremely difficult and stressful task. There is much misinformation and many unanswered questions regarding the type of help someone may need. From the beginning, PRC helps the family understand the illness of addictions, while ensuring they are kept up to date on their loved one's recovery progress. We understand that learning to live a life of recovery is a process and we have put forth many efforts to educate and involve those who are close to our guests.

Paramount Recovery Center can handle all of your needs associated with addiction treatment.


Client Advocacy

Understanding that the most important person is the one seeking a solution, we create a list of success needs and objectives for recovery for each of our clients. These goals are compiled by our staff based on the expressed needs of the guest, their family, and where the member actively resides. We ensure each individual member's needs are always addressed and that continuity of care is provided.

Financial Guidance

Finding a job or proper career path can be a tricky time for a newly recovering person. Many people look for a job but few actually find one. Attempting to do this alone with no guidance merely adds to stress and increases the likelihood of relapse. Our staff works with our clients by understanding their success needs and tailoring a plan to meet those needs.

Employment Services

Finding employment or choosing a career path can be a difficult time for a newly recovering individual. Many attempt to find a job but few are successful in this task. Without proper help or guidance, there is an added stress factor that can increase the likelihood of relapse. Our staff work with our members to understand their success needs and develop a plan to meet those needs.

Academic Advising

A major priority for many of our clients is continuing education. However, trying to balance education goals with early recovery can be difficult and stressful for individuals in addictions rehabilitation. The staff at PRC work closely with our members in aiding the development of a school schedule that is appropriate for each individual. PRC is there alongside the recovering student, from enrollment to graduation. Our facility includes office space for students and high speed internet for those learning by correspondence.

Outdoor Excursions

An important part of maintaining a life of addiction-free independence is learning to have fun in recovery without the use of chemical aids. Many of our members have either never learned how to enjoy life without drugs, alcohol, or gambling, or have forgotten how. Additionally, the development of healthy friendships built on similar interests helps boost an individual's self-esteem and increases their chances for recovery. Our members at PRC are given the opportunity to take part in activities such as camping, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, and much more. Don’t let another day of adventure pass you by. Pick up the phone and call (928) 370 3523 to start your journey to recovery and sober independence.