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man drinking alcohol

Physical Signs of Alcoholism


Does alcohol affect the way you look? Alcohol affects the body and brain in many ways, and in some cases, the effects of alcohol can make themselves known on your face and body. If you suspect that someone you know is struggling with alcohol abuse, there are several physical...

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women drinking at a party

How to Stop Binge Drinking on Weekends


So you've gotten through the work week and are considering celebrating by drinking on the weekend - what's the harm in that? After all, it's just a bit of fun, right? Not necessarily. Many people use the weekend as an opportunity to let loose and go on a drinking binge. This can...

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distressed man

Home Remedies for Alcohol Withdrawal


If you've made the decision to quit drinking, then detoxing is the first step. When you first stop drinking, you will experience withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol withdrawal can be not only an uncomfortable experience, it can also be lethal. The best method for treating alcohol...

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